Top 10 Best Cloud-Based CRM Software for Your Business

There are various cloud based CRM software service providers so you should consider and choose wisely. There are several things you need to consider when choosing a cloud CRM software. 

The main thing is a cloud CRM software that suits your business needs. In this article we recommend the best cloud CRM apps that you can consider. Come on, know the recommendations!

What is a Cloud Based CRM Software?

Top 10 Best Cloud Based CRM Software for Your Business

Cloud CRM softwares are cloud-based systems that assist businesses in managing customer relationships. With this cloud CRM software, you can access the system on various devices, whenever and wherever you are.

This is very beneficial for business because your agents are more flexible in using the CRM system in carrying out their work activities. So that business sales can be increased.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Based CRM Softwares?

The benefits of cloud CRM softwares are:

1. Easy System Maintenance

The first benefit of a cloud CRM software is easy system maintenance. You don’t need to pay extra to improve your CRM system. One of the CRM providers, such as Barantum, provides FREE facilities for maintaining the CRM system.

2. Costs More Efficient

The second benefit of the cloud CRM software is being able to save on business operational costs. 

A cloud CRM software that is capable of recording and keeping a history of customer activity allows you to find out what the needs of each customer are. 

That way, you can implement marketing strategies that suit the needs of your customers. So as to cut the cost of business promotion.

3. Increase Customer Satisfaction

The next benefit is to increase customer satisfaction. This is influenced by businesses that are able to know customer needs and respond quickly to their message responses. 

Customer response speed because CRM can be integrated with omnichannel which is able to unite all communication channels in one platform.

4. Increase Sales

The last benefit and advantage is that it can increase your business sales. The convenience that you get from using cloud CRM softwares makes your business more effective in carrying out operations. 

This is supported by increased customer satisfaction and easy database-based marketing strategies.

How to Choose the Right Cloud Based CRM Software for Business?

We recommend that you have the right cloud CRM for your business. Here’s how to choose one:

1. Adapting to Business Needs

The first way, which can be adjusted to your business needs. If your business has sales agents who are often on duty outside the office, you need a CRM provider that provides a mobile application. Where this mobile CRM software allows offline access.

2. Various Service Options

Next, choose a CRM whose provider has a wide selection of services. You should find out what types of services a CRM provider offers if you run into problems. 

A CRM provider that offers a better support system will be more available to help if you encounter any issues with your system.

3. There is a Demo System

The last way is to provide a demo system. This helps you to know how the system is used. And, to find out whether the CRM system is in accordance with business needs or not.

What are the Best Cloud Based CRM software Recommendations?

The following are recommendations for the best cloud CRM softwares, namely:

1. Warranty

The best cloud CRM software provider in Indonesia and the easiest to use is Barantum CRM. 

Barantum is a technology company that provides the first cloud CRM software created by the nation’s children in Indonesia which can help increase sales and improve the performance of the sales team and customer service.

Barantum is also one of WhatsApp’s official partners in Indonesia. 

As an official business service provider from WhatsApp, you can get the WhatsApp Business API through which is integrated with the Barantum CRM system to become WhatsApp CRM. 

Thus you can have a complete business solution, increase sales, improve customer service, multi-channel communication all in 1 platform!

2. SalesForce

Another recommendation is SalesForce which is a cloud-based system provider headquartered in San Francisco, California. 

SalesForce also sells a suite of CRM softwares to complementary companies in the areas of customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development.

3. Zoho

The next best CRM software is Zoho. This platform promotes business growth by building good customer relationships. Zoho CRM offers a number of efficiencies in corporate activities related to CRM tools, such as automating daily work.

4. Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics is a CRM provider whose operating system is Microsoft Windows. With Dynamics 365, you get CRM tools that work as a flexible solution. 

The disadvantages of using Microsoft Dynamics are that the cost is quite expensive and there is no special support for its users.

5. Pipedrive

The next recommendation, namely Pipedrive. Pipedrive is a company that offers cloud-based applications that focus on customer relationship management applications. 

Pipedrive has offices in Estonia,USA, Florida, Portugal, UK and Czech Republic.

5. HubSpot

HubSpot is an all-in-one cloud-based CRM software that caters to your various business needs.

This allows you to streamline operations across multiple departments, including marketing, content management, customer service, sales, customer relationship management, and more.

It’s no wonder that it has more than 135,000+ customers spread across 120 countries.

6. Keap

Keap offers a cloud-based CRM software solution specifically designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Using Keap, you can provide better customer service thanks to sales force automation, marketing automation, customer data tracking and analysis, and much more.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about losing prospects. Keap CRM solutions help track and identify prospects that can take your business to new heights.

7. Copper

Copper is a cloud-based CRM software that is well known for its integration with Google Workspace.

With Copper, you can organize all your contacts, notes and documents in one place. This platform helps you group and sort your contacts using multiple filters and send targeted emails, provide activity feeds right from your client profiles, and search the internet to find all the information you need about your prospects.

8. Freshsales

Freshsales CRM software allows you to speed up your sales cycle, help you grow your business faster and improve customer satisfaction.

This platform provides a 360-degree view of your sales funnel, streamlines your sales pipeline, and helps you communicate seamlessly across multiple channels.

What’s more, Freshsales provides you with a unified view of client information. It provides important details quickly, with contact interactions across multiple channels in chronological order, and highlights modules, activities, and sales sequences for actionable insights.

9. Zendesk

Zendesk is a sales CRM software that helps with greater visibility into your sales funnel, increasing the productivity and revenue of your sales team.

Sales teams can access Zendesk’s integrated tools that provide all your prospect details in a centralized location. This way, businesses can track their prospect’s journey down the sales funnel to take advantage of opportunities and overcome any obstacles.

You can also get real-time insight into how your sales team is performing, helping to improve the customer experience.

10. SugarCRM

SugarCRM provides all the information you need about your clients so you know where they are on their sales journey.

With SugarCRM, you can eliminate blind spots by getting accurate sales predictions; increase conversions using intuitive customer tools, and use analytics to reach better data-driven decisions.

Get The Best Cloud CRM App Now!

Cloud-Based CRM Software work for anyone; managers, sales teams, marketing teams, recruiting, customer service and the entire team in your business. 

CRM manages internal and external (to customers) communication, coordination between teams, automation and task management, KPI monitoring, and so on.

In addition, CRM allows you to store customer and prospect contact information, identify sales opportunities, log service issues and manage marketing campaigns. 

Also make information about every customer interaction available to anyone in your company who might need it.

Barantum provides an end-to-end solution with an Omnichannel feature that can connect the WhatsApp API and other chat applications with the Customer Relationship Management system.

All-in-One CRM technology, which is in Barantum CRM, has helped thousands of companies in encouraging increased HR performance, increasing sales, improving productivity, and improving service to customers.

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